Right Step (Animation)

Hello everyone, last 8 day and night i am developing my first addon(script) ever, not only in blender.(don’t count script like “Hello World”)
Addon needs for animators.
When animator want to create walk, usually he create every step, it’s hard of course. Or he can use walk cycle with curve and floor constraint for fixed step. But.
Floor constrait have some problems:

  1. Lock of rotation
  2. If floor is flat, it’s easy to use. However, when floor with hill and hole, we get some problem. It solved when you’re animate offset, but it is not comforably and if add problem when you’re try to up on socks or heel or push off the wall(anim floor or create another).
    Any way, i think if you have tried it before, then you know about what i’m saying) :rolleyes:

All main action:Creates 3 object. Point, Heel, Toe.
Heel object need for rotation bone around… heel :smiley:
Toe object the same)
Creates links:
Point to toe.
Toe to heel.
In panel you can to change width, height, length objects and offset heel.
Creates Copy Transforms constraint for choose bone(need select bone with IK).
Add animation to influence. It too can be set in panel,
Adds Point, Heel, Toe in group GroupOfSteps for easy linking this object in other file.
Hide created objects from render.

In case some different position of rotate your ik bone, i created ticks for control of rotation objects.

My addon it’s my way to fast create correct step. I hope, that my addon will be helpfull for all animators in blender. :slight_smile:

Thank’s to Vasiliy Savin and Sergey Krumas for the help.
Download: here

Was fixed 2 bug:
Wrong names objects after 10 steps.
Wrong copy of matrix from bone to objects.
Link stays the same.
Now i finishing with debagging and will create movie “20 step(may be 30) = 30 minute” When the character will walk on the not flat surface, and will lift on a slope.

I created more full example to use my addon. 30 steps = 70 minutes.
In this video steps are difficult, therefore for scene steel need 2 hour for perfect animation

Full version. (70 minutes)

And short version. (10 minutes)

It looks very good. ( Maya has similar helper) Blender is more powerful right now. Thank you for your nice work!

Thank you for your comment, pleasantly :slight_smile:

Can show it?

Try this:


Hah, before creation of this addon, i thought about different methods to fix steps, this way was in list too. :slight_smile:
Ty. =)

Yes, your work is more complex and helpful. Thnx!

Hi lenster,
Maybe it is good idea. Please put properties from TOOL_PROPS to TOOLS ( bl_category = “animation” ?) under the button Create. It will be more compact.


haha, and what are your next plans? Very interesting thing is matching and ghosting of characters - it helps mixing and matching animation of two clips together. ( visual control)
( Maya, Motion Builder). :slight_smile:

OK I do not mean to put down lenster. But I am having a hard time determining what this addon does. I know it has something to do with walk cycles and steps of a character, but It is hard reading the intial post and viewing the videos because they have no annotations or audio track explaining what he is doing. I know lenster is from Russia and English is probably not his native language but could some bilingual person try to explain a bit better please.

Hi @lenster,
I tested your script with my animation: Very very helpful for character animators! Each foot is fixing to groud with one click. + toe rotation is possible. Thank you for your very needed work!

Now you can choose color for created objects for scenes with many characters or animals with more than 2 legs for more comfortable workflow.
link: v 1.0.2

Thank you lenster,
all animators will be very happy. I am using your script very often. Nice work!


This look like a REAL useful addon…I wonder why there are not more people who responded on This.

Thank you for Your work…Im sure I can use it when I begin to learn animation…Cheers


Ohh, that’s something I kept bugging Blender devs about and they were reluctant to implement ! Great addon!

Is it possible to add support for 4-, 6- and N- legged, creatures ?

So many good reviews :eek:… Thank a lot for this :smiley:
Work process goes on step by step, so you can make it for any character, with any amount of legs :3

Links dont work

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Hi there. Sorry for waiting, fix download link.
Addon stil good works at any version of blender.
2.8 not working now. After stable version, addon will be fixed for 2.8.