Rigid Bodies Hovering


I’ve been playing around with the newer rigid body simulation. I’m impressed, but I’ve come across some anomalies.

If I attempt to create a container from a cylinder in which to “pour” active rigid bodies, the bodies move along the top of the cylinder as if it were capped. Also, if I create a “ramp” from a subdivided plane with a subsurf modifier, the objects roll along above the surface.

Any ideas?


What Rigid Body collision shape has your cylinder ?
Try setting it to Mesh


I’ve been playing around a bit with the new rigid bodies features in Blender 2.66. Impressive, but I’ve run into an anomaly. When I attempt to “roll” objects down an incline made up of a subdivided plane that’s been sculpted into a sloping ramp, the objects roll above the slope in a straight line, perhaps along the same path they would have taken had I not modified the plane.

In like manner, when the objects roll toward an open ended cylinder, they will not enter the cylinder and treat it as if it were capped. (See attached pics)

I’m relatively new to Blender and may be missing something very basic.



ensure the physics tab option for “shape” has “triangle mesh” selected, it seems you have the wrong settings… concave mesh will not allow “inny” bits, and the cylinder and object shapes are as stated.

also if you have modifiers on the shape, ensure the physics modifier is in the correct place.

Thanks! This seemed to have done the trick.