Rigid body animation

Hi all,

Im working on an animation with rigid body’s.
At the end of the animation i want to alter the cube and make something come out of the cube.
I baked the whole animation and got Key frames for all the seperate blocks.
I can scale and rotate it and set new Key frames, but how do i make like a hatch that opens in the selected cube (see pic).
I cant set Key frames in edit mode (have animall enabled)
How would i do this?


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HI, just select one of the faces disconnect from the cube in edit mode, and parent as object in object mode, then set the location of that face origin to where you want the hinge to be, and create a keyframe for the hatch to open all in object mode.
Look at the example:
cube_hatch.blend (848.2 KB)

Thanks for the reply but i dont get what you mean by “disconnect”
if i go into edit mode and select the cube and select one side i can choose only seperate.
i managed to get a face into object mode but when i rotate it its all weird…
i have set the origin to the edge of the cube…
what am i doing wrong

icould sent you the file if you owuld have a look at it ??

Uploading: block stack.blend…

Use rotation tool to rotate open the hatch.if you don’t fix it send the file.

Thanks but i get an error if i want to send you the file.

i dont know why tho.

Your file is too large to post here you need to link here to a transfer website: Try this free site: https://wetransfer.com

will this work ??

Yes got it.

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Here is the link to fixed file: https://we.tl/t-JQ8t5OrPRW
You didn’t have the the point of origin in the correct location and you should have created a key frame for the original face position before opening it in the next key frame.

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Thanks, really appreciate you taking your time to look at this.
Will have a look first thing tomorrow, night time here new.

Thanks again.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!