Rigid Body Collision doesn't work as expected

(Blender_Alex) #1


I tried to recreate this tutorial for a clockwork in Blender:

Unfortunately the tutorial doesn’t show the modeling of the big pendle that controls the speed of the clock. So I modeled it myself but the Rigid Body Collision doesn’t work as expected. It seems that the shape of the pendle (for collision computation) is bigger than the pendle itself.

Here is my blender file:
clockwork.blend (1.66 MB)

Please download and try it on your own. Maybe you have some hints for me :wink:

Thank you for any help! :slight_smile:

(Richard Marklew) #2

Some errors you need to clear up before you do anything else
Some of the objects have inverted normals (Select all vertices and Ctrl+N to recalculate them)
Some objects have a non uniform scale (select objects and Ctrl+A / Scale to apply the object scale)

(Blender_Alex) #3

Thank you for your answer Richard :slight_smile:

I applied the scale to all objects and recalculated the normals.

Here is my blender file again:
clockwork.blend (1.55 MB)

(Blender_Alex) #4

Does anyone know how to fix my problem? :slight_smile: