Rigid Body Connect - constraints addon for fractured objects

I thought I would post the first version of Rigid Body Connect - an addon for helping create constraints between objects which have been created using cell fracture. The reason I created this, was because the existing connect tool, doesn’t work great for fractures IMHO.

The method I use to figure out which pieces should be connected can create a lot of constraints. Think of a brick in a wall - each brick could potentially have up to 6 other pieces to connect to for each side of the brick. And each of those bricks could also have 6 etc… The more sides your fractures have the more constraints can get made. So the Factor control helps to dial this back. Think of it as a ‘chance’ factor of a connection being made.

This first version is basic, but usable. The workflow, would be as follows:

  • Fracture your object
  • Add rigid bodies to the fractures
  • select the pieces which you wish to remain intact (unbreakable)
  • Click the Rigid Body Connector button
  • Tick the make breakable check box
  • Select the pieces which you wish to break
  • Click the Rigid Body Connector button
  • Not happy with your results? - Click Reset Constraints to remove all the constraints and start over.

As this is in Dev still, I will likely change a few things or add some extra features etc… over time. Happy to take suggestions here, although I’m still new to this Python addon development stuff, so can’t promise anything! :smiley:

Workflow video here:

This is all very much a WIP, so use it with caution! I hope other Blender folks can get some benefit from this addon and do please let me know if you run into a bug, I would like to get this version stable before updating further.

RigidBodyConnect.zip (5.1 KB)


i waited for this. first tests are good. thanks!

Great! - Happy to see someone else can make use of it. :sunglasses:

Hey! Can’t it install it! Can you help me?

There is unfortunately an issue I’ve not been able to resolve yet. There was a change in the api in 2.91 which should have been a simple fix, but it for some reason doesn’t work for me. I will see if I can get working with latest builds and will update here.

This version seems to work ok in 2.93.

RigidBodyConnect.zip (132.2 KB)

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