Rigid body constraint demo(a roughly walking sort of ant)

Hi everybody,
since a long time now, I’ve been lurking the game engine sections of the blenderartists forum and I noticed there is not a lot of rigid body constraint demos. So I made one. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I must warn you, I’m not good at modeling and texturing. As a matter of fact, there is no texture at all. Another warning, it’s a work in progress.
Here is the link:

edit: I use UPBGEv0.2.5b
edit again: I was thinking I should post a screenshot so here it is

Just a little update. This time after having made some improvements on the walk cycle and acknowledging that my ant was not crawling in a straight line, so I managed to implement a little and relatively simple way to track the ant’s trajectory.
ConstraintAntDemo_2_trail.blend (1.1 MB)
File edited using UPBGE 0.2.5b
Hoping to attract more interest, here is a wonderful screenshot:

Nice work! Rigid Body Constraint is usually seen on wheels (car physics) and ragdolls. I just don’t download your file because I still use 2.79. Someday, who knows, I will go to UPBG.

Hi there! Thanks for the post and the kind words.
About UPBGE, the version I use is, in terms of general use of the game engine, very similar
to blender 2.79b. And, for the record, I don’t use any UPBGE specific feature. The same can be done with Blender 2.79b with the same logic brick setup and the same piece of code(not exactly the same code_constraint module was moved if I remember correctly ). Alas, if you can edit and run with UBGE v.0.2.5b a file made with Blender 2.79b without a problem, the opposite is not true.

Yes, I believe this is possible on the old BGE. I think the biggest difference between BGE and UPBGE is graphical, because I haven’t seen anything new in the API reference.