Rigid body contraints

Heres my setup:
Layer 1 there is a ball, and a character with armeratures (1 object)
Layer 2 there is the same character in layer 1, exept with different objects for joints connected with the rigid body contraint.
If the ball hits the character with armeratures, both get deleted and the “ragdoll” parts come up.

The problem is, that blender either crashes or the objects are no longer connected when they are added into the scene while playing.

any thoughts? thanks

How are you bringing them into the layer? Replace mesh doesn’t change joints or attachments, so that wouldn’t work. A cluster of empties or just the original parts “adding object” as they are ending object might work, but I can’t see that keeping the joints.

Is the character with armature a single mesh, or a group of different meshes? Ragdoll seems to indicate multiple meshes, while armature seems to indicate a single mesh to me.

I don’t know how to help you really.

(Are you using python or logic bricks, how are they set up?)


Weird… I just tried to set up a similar system, and it crashed. I created a bunch of subsurfed once spheres and connected them with rigid body joints to form the shape of a person. They played fine. I moved them to another layer and made a copy of them in the original layer, and blender crashed when I tested it.

This happens every time I test that setup, so… I would say this is a bug in blender. If this is for a death animation, you can probably just create the animation with armatures, or, if you have limbs as seperate objects, you can “remove parents” with actuators for a collapse effect.