Rigid Body Mesh bouncing

Hey there,
I’m new to blender and have some problems with the rigid body simulation. I’ve tried to solve the problems by reading the blender doc and watching many videos on YouTube but I don’t get along with my problem.
I try to use the blender physic engine for a Hexapod simulation. My aim is to control the servos of the robot’s legs with the blender-python api. Therefore I want to build a realistic simulation model.
I’ve modeled the surface of the robot. See the file below. ( Couldnt use the attachment manager- maybe the file’s size is to big)
I use the blender 2.68a Version and the cycles Render on my GPU.
After I finished the robot’s surface I enabled the rigid body for the bot’s base and for one servo-bracket. The default value for the rigid body collision shape is convex hull. In the first test the servo-bracket should be passive and the bot’s base active. I started the animation (ALT a) and the bot’s base bounce extremely away from the servo bracket. Then I changed the collision shape to mesh(both objects) and the bot’s base falls through the servo bracket ??:eek:

Did you have any tips for me, how i could solve that “problem”. I think that i simly forget anything but i dont know what.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure what your goal is, but for rigid body physics to work properly you need to have a scale of 1 for all your objects. To apply the scale select each of your objects, press Ctrl-A and select scale. You might also want to set the origin of each object to its Centre of Mass.

I tested it and now it works as expected. Thank you very much.