rigid body object more than 300+

I want to know the best ways to have rigid body more than 300 in scene.
So can somebody give me some idea on how to make FPS high.
When I continues add box rigid body FPS is drop when 100-300 objects in scene.
And I want to have more than 300 rigid body in game.:spin:
So thanks for help in advance and sorry for bad english.:stuck_out_tongue:

try with collision enabled SPHERE (to the rigid body)

How to make rigid body physic idle quicker?
(change physic from red to green)

You could disable the physics on some objects outside a certain range maybe, take some of the strain away.

I’ll do that too and I want to have many rigid body near each other.

the other thing is rendering that many objects also slows the game down, i have tried this also.

yes it really slow so I have to find a way to make physic idle quick.

Why do you need 300 Rigid Bodies? :s

I want to make game with many plank to build home,bridge,etc so just around 300 is enough.
But it will be good to have more than that.

300: The Game

JK, go singletexture and/or use LOD

LOD not help much because many plank is need to be near each other.