Rigid body simulation for polygonal hair (box braids hairstyle)

EDIT: I am still looking for someone to work on this - if interested please reply!

I have the hair modeled, rigged with bones and weight painted already (although I am open to the prospect that they may need to be changed) - I am looking for someone who can give them rigid body simulation so they respond naturally to physics, and most importantly don’t clip through the head. BUDGET is open, please name your price for the work.

The idea is, I’ll be able to animate the character in different scenes and the hair will (more or less) be able to respond appropriately.

My current attempt uses Wiggle Bones for the hair movement, and the bones then have a rigid body simulation on top. It works somewhat, but still clips pretty badly. I don’t mind doing this a different way – whatever works!

This is my current blend file (you need to have the wiggle bones addon). Like I said, feel free to remove everything and change the approach if needed.

Blend file

Hi tyrannosaur,

I’d be interested in helping out if you still need it. I’ve had a fair bit of simulation experience with rigid bodies and cloth, and recently/currently working on a system for dynamic polygonal hair. Drop me a PM if you still want to talk, though I see you already have a couple of offers. Good luck!

Hello @tyrannosaur.
Hope you are doing well ! I have read all the mentioned details above and would like to show my keen interest for the same.

Let’s connect @ Skype: zagreusent or you can Email: info_AT_zagreusent_dot_com :slight_smile:
Here you can check our work: www.zagreusent.com

Thanks & Regards

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