Rigid Body

Im somewhat knew to blender and I want to learn about rigid bodies. I watch this video tutorial, I followed what he did but my ball didnt drop. Anyone know the reason for it? I did actor, dynamics, rigid body.
If there are any other tutorials on rigid body please post.
He had a different version of blender then me.

Do you have any gravity? Check in Shading Context>World Subcontext>Mist/Stars/Physics Panel (F8). The Grav: slider should say 9.8 by default; this is real world gravity. Also make sure you are using the Bullet physics engine (as shown in the menu to the right of the Grav: slider).

Ya both of those are on.

did u run the game engine? (p key)

Which plane are you viewing it in? Are you looking at it from above so you can’t see it move?


Im an idiot, i was using A not P :stuck_out_tongue: