Rigid Nose While Sculpting

Hey I am trying to make my first head with the sculpt feature and when making the nose, of course when you add or inflate anything, the faces get bigger. When I set smooth after I finish the nose it looks really rigid. If I use the smooth brush, it just flattens my nose back down.
I have seen people sculpt faces on youtube but they either don’t explain how they keep the nose smooth or its goin so fast that I can’t tell.
Any suggestions?

Possibly you need to up the level of multires division so that you have enough vertices to sculpt a smooth shape… possibly just try adding 2 levels or so and see what happens - you can always delete the levels later if you want as long as you drop back to the original level.

is there anyway i could add more faces only on the nose because I can only add so many multires before it starts slowing down my computer?

Yes, if you get rid of the multi res levels and hit apply multi res at the base level, you can then edit your mesh and loop cut or subdivide that area to get more detail to build with. Normally you would give yourself denser areas to work with in areas you know you want plenty of detail, and this comes with practice.

Have fun!!

Thank you :smiley: