Rigify: Add Foot Roll To Rear Paw Preset

Hello there.

Been a while since I last checked in on these forums but if your seen my last forum post you may have an idea of why this is, anyways.

I suck at rigging, like… super succ!

That is why I am following some tutorials I bought on Flippednormals and am making some really steady progress as a result but unfortunately I have run into a problem. I am working on a bipedal digitigrade character which necessitated the deletion of the main legs from the otherwise perfect default biped and replacing them with the rear paw preset.

This works well enough except that it does not include a foot roll system by default. I tried moving the bone from the default legs that control the generation of said controls to the new leg but to my absolute lack of surprise it did not work.

So in sumerary: How can I make rigify autogenerate a foot-roll system for a digitigrade character because I am an idiot and need to be spoon-fed. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube about adding foot-roll to rigs but I have no idea how to consolidate them with what Rigify generates and fear that I could spend hours on something that may only require a banally simple solution.

Here is a shot of my scene in question before I have aligned the bones to my character and added the tail rig:


P.S. In case you are wondering what the heck it is you are looking at. I intend to animate this character then rotoscope them with the grease pencil so that I do not need to worry about yucky things like facial rigging/animation. I can just draw it!