Rigify and BGE

I have been having problems with the rigify rig and the game engine working together. After I generate the rig and parent the mesh to it then click start, the rig zooms off along the Y-axis and doesn’t stop. This only happens when I set the rig to be dynamic in the physics panel. I don’t have any logic bricks set up for it or anything so it has something to do with the physics. I’m really new to the engine and I need some troubleshooting help.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Edit: Now I kinda feel ashamed asking the question since I just had to keep the setting static instead of using dynamic…silly me.

The effect you witnessed happens when you have physics objects overlapping. Making your mesh “no collision” will probably solve this problem too. Making the mesh “no collision” will mean that you can still have the armature dynamic for physics based movement.