Rigify armature generation problem

Hi to all.

I’m learning to use Rigify and I’ve got one super noob problem. The problem is that every time I press the generate rig button, blender only creates the root bone of all my armature. I’ve got selected my whole armature in Object mode and haven’t got any modifier on it but it doesn’t work.

I have tried to create a rigify armature of other normal armatures I created in previous projects, and the strange thing is that it sometimes works good and sometimes not. The armatures I use are normal armatures, without constraints.

These are the images before and after pressing the Rigify generate button. Only the selected bone in the 2nd image is generated.

Advanced thanks.

Are you positive the armature isn’t there? Select the new armature, go into pose mode – set the armature to x-ray – unhide, check all bone layers, check all scene layers?

Did you rename the bones? That could cause hang ups

I have done what you’ve said but the rest of the armature doesn’t seem to be there. I didn’t rename any of the bones.

I’ve discovered that if I add an armature with Shift+A, then Armature and then Human Meta-Rig, it works when I press the generate Rigify armature button. I don’t know why it doesn’t work with the other armatures.

upload a blend

I get an error when I upload it in the attachment manager of the forum so I uploaded my blend here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ilu4paoywlgi9k9

I get an error when I attach it to the forum attachment manager so I uploaded my blend here:

Have you checked that everything is visible to you? Hit the ‘n’ key and look down the list to the rigify buttons (with that root thing selected). Also, just in case… make sure the rig is in the same layer when you generate and that you have selected the rig and the mesh correctly. That’s all I got. I personally love Rigify.

You have two “meta-rigs” in there. I’ve put the word “meta-rig” in quotes because the one you fitted to your character isn’t a Rigify meta-rig; the naming of the bones doesn’t match.

My advice:

  • delete all the rigs,

  • Shift-S -> Snap Cursor to Center

  • select your character mesh and

  • Shift-S -> Snap Selected to Cursor

  • Object -> Apply -> Rotation and Scale

  • Add -> Armature -> Meta-rig

  • fit the Rigify meta-rig to the character

  • Generate

What this will do:

  • Clean up all your false starts,
  • put the character mesh in the geographic center of the scene
  • set up the mesh so it has a default orientation and scale
  • allow you to start fresh with less confusion.

If you try to fix things from the position you’re in, you’re going to have to do 99% of what’s listed above anyway.

@Sackadoo I am also having this same problem i followed your steps and have looked this up on multiple forums. I still cant seem to get the rig working with my model. It works if i create the bones myself but for convenience sake i want to get the rig working. Any other suggestions?

Sorry, I’m out of practice with rigging atm. I’m not sure what to suggest, either. Except to watch Nathan Vegdahl’s series Humane Rigging.

I know this thread is old but I just got the exact problem and just got it fixed.
So in case anyone meet this problem in the future here’s my solution.

The problem:
When I generate a rigify rig from an already modified metarig from older files, the new rig only has root. Nothing in other bone layers or anything. literally just root.

The workaround:
(sorry btw I can only embed 1 pic as a new user)

  1. Give your broken armature a name (or just see what the name is) in the Object Data Properties tab (the one that icon is a green stick person) (in my case it’s named ‘metarig’)

  2. Create a new metarig (Shift+A > Armature > Human (Meta-rig) or other rigify rigs)

  3. Go to the Object Data Properties tab with the new metarig as active object.

  4. Click the top dropdown and select your broken armature name, in my case I change metarig.001 to metarig)

    Screenshot from 2021-03-04 13.58.37

  5. Your new metarig.001 will have the same data as your broken rig now

  6. Then you can generate the new rig just fine


I was have same issue
the solution . I opened my project with newer version of blender

Thank you for saving my life!