[Rigify Beginner - Facial Rig] key not found + controller not showing up

Hello there,

I decided to follow a Youtube tutorial to learn how to make a facial rig on a stylized character which I previously created.
I used Rigify for this and, like in the tutorial, added the superface bone group. To make it match my character’s cartoony face, I had to shift things around a lot, I used the edit mode mirror feature for that (and I did not scale bones individually – I only scaled the entire armature in object mode).

Maybe I broke a thing without being aware of it, because when I try to create a rig, this happens. It can’t find the bones for the left brow apparently? I don’t know what i’m supposed to make of that.

Also, when I enter pose mode to try it out, the controller layout looks wildly different from the tutorial (you can see it at 07:47). Why is that?

Thanks for your help.

Did you delete any bones from the face?
Also if you’re generating the rig for a second time make sure that the previously generated rig is not hidden.

I think if you start over it will probably work :stuck_out_tongue:

moving bones to match mesh is correct, using mirror function should also be fine.

With Rigify there are certain bones that needs to stick to each other (in the same place),
when they are not, errors show up and rig doesn’t generate correctly.

what i can remember is this happens on some spine bones for human and Quadruped too.
Some bones are Not physically linked but they need to snap to the same spot,
if they are accidentally moved, errors occur.

for example try this,
turn on Magnet, choose snap to Vertex.
move your Brow.T.L.002 and snap it to the point its supposed to be.
(the tip of Forehead.L.001 in my case)

Rigify usually generates it for me once i snap the bones it mentioned to the right place.
Your bones seem well connected maybe they are just a tiny bit off.
sometimes when i move a bone out of its place and unsure,
i make a new (original) Armature to see which bone
its “supposed to connect to”, and fix it that way.