Rigify bones and rig alignment problem

Hello, I’m trying to correctly rig a horse. I’ve edited the metarig to fit the model, which has a little bit of roll to the outside on the legs. This has been adjusted keeping care on the roll values and orientation, but I’m unable to get some rig parts correctly aligned when generating the actual rig:

Marked in red the uncorrectly aligned parts and in blue how they should be facing.

On the metarig and before rig generation, select the upper_arm or thigh bone in pose mode, bone properties, Rigify Type, change the rotation axis from automatic too x or z manual. Use whichever is closest to your bones orientation. Repeat for left and right side bones.

Then generate the rig. Good luck!

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Thanks DanPro, I’ll take a look at it, but unfortunately I had to inmediately rig and weight my model to start animating, so it has been done as it was and at least it’s working decently.

I’ll keep the tip for the future :wink: