Rigify Buttons Disappearing

Hello, Blender Artists.
I have two rigify-rigged meshes on my file. When I made the first one, there were the standard rigify buttons looking thing with the root and such; as you can see on the screenshot that I took earlier this month. I managed to make it work fine with weight paint editing on the legs. But, when I made the second character, the rigify buttons disappeared from the first character. Replaced with the usual rigify setup is an armature-like rig. It reminded me of how the edit mode of the normal rigify looked like.

As you can see, the new character is fine.

I’m sorry if my information is sparse. I would attach a file, however I don’t have permission to include links yet.

Thank you.


After experimenting with backup saves, I found that the buttons disappear when I try to generate the buttons. They latch onto the first person instead of the second one.

^ Before Generation

^ After Generation

Thank you.

Nevermind, I found another thread which was solved with this same problem.

blenderartists org/forum/showthread php?255313-Disappearing-Controls-in-Rigify-with-2-Rigs