Rigify Help


I have just rigged my character and wanted to be sure i got this correct or if i should change any of the bones that might be out of place?

Or does it look correct?


Looks pretty good, but you should include a side picture, the depth of the armatures are allso important. Besides that be sure to include the .L and .R suffixes for the bones :smiley:

Here is another angle to show how deep they are.


If you keep the metarig (“armature”) after you generate the rigify rig (“rig”) you can make any necessary changes after parenting/testing and hit generate again and it will re-generate with any changes you made.

Be sure to delete the Armature modifier from your mesh before you re-parent or you’ll end up with multiple modifiers. I’m not sure about the vertex groups… you may have to delete all those as well before re-parenting. That probably depends on how big of a change you made.


it looks okay but not perfect. the wrist joints are off as well as the upper leg joints where they meet the torso. I
highly suggest you have a look at a human skeleton. you might search some face-on images of skeletons and put them into the background of the front viewport to position the joints correctly.
this will give you a much better looking animation in the end.


same goes for the clavicle bones. in your setup they are off in comparison to a real human skeleton. simply find good references in anatomy books :slight_smile: it’s fun to find out how nature solved the rigging problem :smiley:


oh, and the neck bone’s upper tip is too low. feel at the back of your own head where the spine ends and where the skull starts :slight_smile: most of those questions can be answered by touching your own personal bio-rig! same for fingers, thumbs, ankles, toes, etc.
explore your body, take photographs of yourself, find references. all weapons are allowed as long as no-one gets hurt :slight_smile:

I don’t think there should be two bones between the hip and knee. In a human there is only one. The same for between the knee and foot, and shoulder to elbow and elbow to hand ( while there is two bones here they are side by side and provide a twisting motion)
In the first picture the rig to the right, with no human over it, looks right.

I think the left rig is actually the Rigify-generated deformation bones - so those double-bones are just the twist-deformation helpers.
Something I’ve never done myself, but might try in the future… Is to actually test-bind the character to the metarig. In such a simple rig, is easy to just move the bones around in edit mode and see how the changed pivot points affect the deformations.

on the contrary! these two bones make absolute sense when it comes to rotation of the leg around the hip-knee-foot-axis.
with only one bone the deformation is pretty ugly. with two the deformation is a lot smoother.


you might want to have a look at my proxy rig. I did it with rigify and you can use it for whatever you want :slight_smile: