Rigify in blender 2.8 issue

I recently started using blender 2.8 and rigify. I created a metarig, adapted it to the mesh, but after I generated the rig, two elements appeared. Down below are some screens of the generated rig. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem and is this even a problem? Thanks !

what exactly is the problem and what are you trying to achive?

I was just wondering why the generated rig was decomposed in two parts, as you can see on the screenshot. I watched a tutorial on how to use rigify, but unfortunately it was an anterior blender version. After i attached the rig selected on this png screen to the mesh, only the head could be rotated.

to me it looks like just that second rig that you are talking about are just widgets for bone shapes. turn the visibilty off and everything should be fine.
You might also want to set the master bone on the floor level instead of hips.

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Thanks for the tip ! You were right, and it worked. There is one more little problem : when I try to move the arms or to rotate them, the characters clothing moves, and not the arm. I made sure to parent the body mesh to the clothing, but apparently it didn’t suffice.

simple parenting won’t work. You need to add armature modifier for both, clothes and the body and parent both of them to the armature.

Thanks a lot ! I finally have a functioning rig.