Rigify, new bones and skinning

I created a rig with rigify which skins fine. I added some extra bones to the rigify rig, not the metarig. These will not skin. How do I add these addition bones to the mesh? Thanks.


If they are meant to be deform bones, then you will probably need to create vertex groups with the same names as the new bones you made.

After that, assign the vertices to the appropriate group for the bone that will influence that part of the mesh and adjust the weight accordingly.

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The correct way to expand upon the rigify armature is to use the Add Sample buttons to the Metarig in the Rigify Buttons under the armature data. There is a menu there which lists common bone chains used by Rigify. Select a bone type or chain from the menu and hit Add Sample, then adjust and appropriately rename the newly added bones. When you generate the Rigify armature, it will include corresponding bones based on those template samples, including deform and control bones where applicable.

I added the highlighted bones using armature and subdividing. Then duplicated chain and transposed to new position and orientation. Then I linked them to metarig. When I tried to generate I got error above right in pic. Can I do it this way or do I have to use the Rigify buttons?

I tried it this way and I cannot parent the new bone chain to the top of the head of the metarig. Thanks.


Those look like separate armature objects. You’re supposed to do this in edit mode, like everything else you do to edit the metarig.

Yes, in the pic below, the armature chains were created as separate objects, then parented to the metarig. This parenting could not be done in Edit mode, because it wasn’t allowed. And I received the error message when I tried to create the rig that the nodes were create outside edit mode.

Next, I created a basic.copy_chain using " Add Sample " within the metarig, but it was not parented to the top node of the head. When I tried to do this, it reported that it was already connected. How do I connect the chain to this node? So that it works like this picture that I posted? Thanks.


I have generated a pic. As you can see, the parent of the chain is not the top of the head. How do I remedy this? Thanks.


I got it working. Thanks.