Rigify not Generating Rig

This is the third character in a Blender Scene for which I’m creating a Rigify rig, but a problem has popped up: it won’t generate the final Armature from the initial Metarig. I don’t really know any Python, but there’s a screencap of the problem and the error message below:

Here’s a screencap:

Any info and/or solutions is appreciated. Thanks as always.

You could add the metarig at the center of the default grid, copy the generated rig from the other rig, hit Alt + G to move it to the center where your metarig is. I tried it out and found that I could only generate two boneshape rigs on my PC as well, I don’t know why.

I just tried creating three Rigs (in a fresh .Blend) on my Windows 64-bit, and it worked okay, so long as each newly generated Rig was then re-named (so as to avoid confusing the program when it created the subsequent one). So I could not replicate that specific issue.

This, then, spurred me to consider just re-naming my (generated) Armatures and, afterward, Rigify did indeed generate this third Armature successfully. So thank you for your thoughts, as they did aid me in leading to the solution.

Again, for any future lurkers, the solution is to make sure to give each previous Rigify Armature a unique name.

This is off-topic, but I just wanted to issue a quick “Thank you” to whoever is working on Rigify (and, of course, everybody who works on Blender. For a non-coder like me, I have special regard and admiration for the creators).

It seems that Rigify is constantly getting new tweaks and upgrades, but I personally never hear of them. But when I see them and, invariably, use them, I’m always grateful for them. So if any Rigify coders are reading this…Thanks!

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This was very helpful. Power to Blender!