Rigify problem

Um, I have rigged a model to a rigified meta-rigg and have a little problem. You see before I rigified the metarigg I added some custom bones to it - a tail and some claws. And now when I have rigified and rigged my mesh to it (with automatic weights) I saw that no vertex groups were created for the bones I created. :confused:
But no matter, I manually added vertex groups for each of those bones and weight painted them. But even now the mesh won’t follow those bones. Why???
I guess it have something to do with how rigify works, but what?

My blend: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ci3zl8lq658qkut/Vargmonster.blend?dl=0

The bones I added is the tail, the bones “Def-spine.006” - “Def-spine.011”.

None of your new bones have the deform option checked in bone properties. This is what is preventing you from weighting them.

I was about to ask something related to this. So you can actually add new bones to the metarig, or add ones in addition to a generated rig?

Um, I didn’t really know if I should put this in a new thread, but I have a little problem with the foot roll (or whatever its called) - that movement that occurs when rotating the “foo_-heel-IK” bone. More specifically it works fine when rotating the foot so it stand on its toes, but get all wrong when it should lean back on its heel.

Maybe it’s not that clear on the picture but you will see what I mean if you try to roll the foot yourself,
so here is the blend: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6bxojvwf21nbvdq/Vargmonster2.blend?dl=0

I’ve really tried to find whats wrong but I got so overwhelmed with all the bones so I gave up :spin::spin::spin: