Rigify rig not behaving as it should - my fault or Blender's?

I’m completely new to rigging, but the time has come for me to learn how to rig properly. This is my fourth ever attempt at rigging, and my third using rigify.

To the problem, I’ve added a human meta-rig, moved the different parts of the rig around until they match my character, clicked ‘Generate’ and parented the character to the rig. Some parts of the rig work perfectly well, but a quarter to a half of the parts either don’t change anything in terms of the pose of the character, or strange things happen.

Here’s my character with the original rig:

And here’s one of the problems:

Is it Blender’s fault or mine, and, if so, what can I do to stop this happening?

Thanks in advance.

I think you need to look into the topic of skinning and weight painting.

it is a weight painting problem. although rigify works pretty darn well you have to weight paint certain parts of your mesh by hand. another thing I noticed in the first of your screenshots: the clavicles are not symmetrical to the spine. this leads to problems in the long run. make sure to enable x-mirror option when editing the metarig in editmode. and make sure you have correct bone roll angle on all of the bone so the generated controller bones work properly.


yea definatly weight paint. turn pose mode on for the armature, then select the mesh and turn on weight painting, click on the forearm bone or whichever one, then paint the forearm on the mesh. i usually select the entire rig press w and use automatic and it only needs a little tidying up after that