Rigify, twisted fingers, how to fix it ?


I’m trying to rig a character using the rigify addon as a start.
So far everything is looking fine, except for the fingers…

There is a controller to bend the fingers (using scale), the only problem is that the fingers bend, but the last phalanx is like twisted.

I 've thought that was probably a bone ‘roll’ issue so I switched to edit mode for the bones, I edited the bone rolls several times without being able to fix the issue.

I’ve attached some pictures to show you the problem and my blend file.

Hope someone will be willing to help me with this.



test_rigify3_navet.blend (4.45 MB)

You didn’t adjust all the rolls in concert. Enable visibility of all bone layers. All those deform, mechanism, control bones need to have identical rolls. The reality is, this is a pain in the ass, fix the roll on your metarig instead and regenerate the rig.

Thank you bandages, you 've just saved me some hours. By adapting all the bone rolls at once with CTRL + R I can now fix the issue.
I wasn’t aware there were so many other bones used within the other layers disabled… The setup of the Rigify Rig looks so tricky with all these bones…

Anway, thank you.