Rigify : ZeroDivisionError

Hi guys,

I’m trying around with the Rigify addon and could create some armature placement.
But when I try to generate the armature the addon always crashes.

On my first try everything worked but now it doesn’t anymore.

I’ve added some screenshot with the error description.

Does someone know this issue?
Division by zero exceptions are plugin source code related, right?

Thanks for your help.
Looking forward to it.


Yep, that is bad programming. You don’t just allow a variable to divide by another without protecting against the dreaded divide by zero. However, that variable is probably coming from the bone lengths. Did you alter bones or make one have a zero length?


thanks for the hint but I suppose that this isn’t the problem because I tried two different skeletons without success. :frowning:
I’ll check it again. Maybe it has something to do with the mesh?! I’m not sure…

Do you have some further ideas?