Ring - Micro Prong

Im trying out a micro prong ring.
I used JewelCraft and Boolean to make the cuts.
Not sure about anything here.


Nice job. What are you planning to work on next? I wonder if geometry nodes could be useful for something like this.

I did try the geometry nodes to make some of this ring profiles :

Giving it a test render.
I guess it looks like a bicycle tire.
The thinner cut need to go down deeper.

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render is low res

would look better if render was high res
may be 2 K

i guess this was done in EEVE

happy cl

Resolution isn’t everything. It won’t look instantly better at 2K. And what does resolution have to do with eevee?

in last pic it shows only 55.1 K
i mean this is rather low res

a good render image most of the time is more then 500 K on cycles

EEVEE check the samples to get a bigger image
it is set low to give a quick render

cause you got a lot of details in your render
higher sample should give more details on render and look better

depending how many details i got in a render
sometime in cycles i set the size to 4K X 2 K
to be able to see much more details

have fun
happy EEVEE

Do not know what render settings were used. It was rendered with RPR and
wanted to check to see if depth of the thin cut was deep enough but
it was not. I went down a bit more with the cut and still not sure if
enough and just guessing. This one is set to EEVEE.

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Found this on the net and maybe can figure out how it was cut.

You’re not that far off. I just think you need a smoother inner bevel. and maybe invert it, so it goes outward instead of inward.

There is another way of making this prongs and they look
very professional. Ive seen a few of them on the net.
Here are two videos by a professional on YouTube.

Here’s another try. This one with 7 diamonds. Trying to create some prongs
with boolean cuts. The cuts are to sharp and looks like it needs to be beveled.
Also ring is to wide and makes the the prongs to wide. All of this needs to be
fined tuned. Find all the ratios or proportions.

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Trying some holes on the ring.

Ive been trying to fix up a table setup for rendering the rings but not doing to good.
Ive seen some on YouTube but cant get it right.

Here is mine ----

and here are the ones on YouTube ----

Here some fixing up but I dont know how to make the ground plane
more reflective as they do it.
Also, the ring on the left has a steel material and the one on the right
is a chrome material from RPR.

A noisy one. Another ring model from the net. Has been giving me rendering