just wanted to know what ya’ll thought of my ring model…


looks good, but something seems wrong with something.
any ideas?

I have an idea, it seems that the ring is emitting light.
Either there is emitting happening or there is some
ambience. Or are there inverted colors/negative out
of positive in post pro?Radiosity?

there is a big black spot in the middle of the ring, I think that if you were to lighten up that area it might just be about as good as it could get :wink:

I think what I’m seeing is that funkey line going across the nearest faces of the ring. what would cause that?

Very nice, i like the… uhh… hmm… (We need to invent a word for this) The… feeling… of the… it…

I think it is goldenly delicious!

Hello clone dadd, If you ask only about the model, I think it’s pretty good, though some lines are surrounding it which makes it difficult to see whether the ring has exagerated thickness or is it just the texture ? light needs some fixing too.

while ring model itself isnt something you could talk a lot about,

the material/shader and light setup is quite interesting.
specificaly the glow around the ring along the ground is different.

what is the ring for? just curious i am jewelry designer. maybe i can
help you…

the model is too simple to be interesting.

is this a photon map? the render seems very strange, like you’ve created the vignette effect in photoshop, or just posted a photon map.

what kind of environment is the ring supposed to be in? what are you trying to acheive?

just wanted to know what ya’ll thought of my ring model…

Well, a ring model is not hard to make, actually, it is very simple.

It is the render that is interesting. It is a very different look then any thing else i have seen, yet i like it very much.