RIP Micheal Jackson

You will be sorely missed . . . .

I just found out about this. Crazy stuff.

what? Micheal Jackson is dead? did he rape to many little boys and gave himself a disease

Funny how people can feel sorry for kiddy fiddlers these days.

That link is continuing to be updated, so some of teh info changes on it every several minutes or so. He apparently had some sort of heart attack or cardiac arrest. Kinda sad that he’ll probably be more remembered as a weirdo who might have been a child molester rather than a really great musician with a flair for the theatrical. I didn’t like much of his later stuff, but his earlier albums were just great.

Just thinking out loud, but these things generally come in threes. Micheal Jackson, David Carradine and Ed McMahon have all died within just a week of each other. Three legends all in the same month. Tragic, really.

EDIT: Farrah Fawcett has also died:

Woah, you guys are fast :eek: . I was just watching this in CNN.
Poor guy…
Though I can’t say I’m surprised.

That chick from Charlie’s angel also moved on. So maybe fours ? eh Squiggly_P.

I wonder if they took him to a “Children’s hospital”

It’s the Apocalypse!

I so should have seen this thread coming lolz…

I think he really deserved to go the way he went but thts just me…


“That chick”: quite an epitaph…
She was Farah Fawcett, another soul demented by the wonderful American Stardom Machine.

it was “an important update!” here. Mom and dad were like “THIS is breaking news!?!?!” “How is that important!” was me.

who cares…

Just saw this on the news, seems he had a heart attack. The guy had alot of talent, but holy cow he was a weird dude. I wonder happened in his life that made him act in such bizarre way.

i bet this wont change his comeback tour in london, just put him some wires on… he always looked like a plastic puppet on strings. The diagnostic of his dead comes a few years too late.

Weird but talented.

I miss Warren Zevon more.

And Mr. Rogers. Don’t forget Mr. Rogers.

He and I are/were the same age. scary. If all you guys dissing him can accomplish 1 percent of his success in your lifetime, you’ll be doing really well.

Yes, somewhere under all that cosmetic surgery was a real person, so they say.

I’d say I’m disgusted with some of this thread, but then I remember… this is “the internet.”