rise of the habanero

Hello all, it’s been a moment, but i give you - the rise of the habanero-

enjoy, thoughts are always welcome.- D

Materials seem rather unrealistic in general, but their faces are really worth it :wink:

Great expression on those fruits/vegetables, made me giggle :slight_smile:
The bump on the wall behind as really strong though, and some materials could maybe use some tweaking, but it’s good nonetheless!

I love these two vegetables!

I would not like these two veggys in my stomac!!!

haha thanks all, at least their expressions worked. As for the materials, I’m not sure how to improve them any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’d lower the specularity/hardness on your wall to start. Also work on softening your shadows. The newer mapped shadow settings allow a pretty good effect.

Great expressions on their faces, btw! Very mischevious…

Use some SSS on the peppers.

Or are you already?

Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions. I added SSS to the peppers, its noticable although i don’t think it’s noticable enough especially for the render time- I added some adjustment to the wall as well to soften the shadows, i think this version is better

I’ve got this friend who eats very hot peppers on everything he eats, to the point that he has weakened his sense of taste. He’s gonna love this.

i’m very much the same just less masochistic. spicy food is great:D

I love it 4* from me. The green looks a little bit too much like plastic.
This scene screams animation :slight_smile:

Do the peppers have any translucency (not transparency)? Perhaps boosting that, along with SSS, might help?
EDIT: I love the expressions (in a morbid sort of way…)

Hehehe, nice chiles (even though the real habaneros are supposed to be yellow, but bah, who cares!) Very nice expression!

Funny faces! Great looking and nice colors but the textures do look a little unrealistic. Still a great piece though. Looks like some great hot sauce in the making!