[First of all guys this is my very first post in this place so i hope i am in the correct section if not please correct me! thanks!]
This took me about 10 days and 2 headaches to complete! :smiley:


This i also posted on instagram! Post

Awesome work, welcome to Blender Artists!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you sooo much Sorry for the late reply!!! :grin:

Nice job! Glad you could finish a project like this, never is easy to keep going. Feels true to the film too :slight_smile: if you’re looking for critiques, the two that stand out to me (and also the easiest to fix):

  • increase the resolution of the foreground stone texture (or use depth of field to hide it)
  • add some color variation in the instanced trees on the hills so it doesn’t feel as uniform

But otherwise, this is great!

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Thank you so much!!! :grin: Thanks for those points i will definitely be careful of those things from now!!!

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