River branches

An arm of the river divides into smaller arms and ripples the flow of water.

The scene include 3 simple terrains (2 core, 1 background), modeled in Gaea and texurized and populated in Blender (Render Cycles).
The scene was populated with 9 eco-systems (by ParticleSystems).

If you want to see more pictures go: here


Beautiful! I wonder how did you generated those waves?

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Amazing project you did! :fearful:

Oh well, it’s a simple texture …
a great, simple texture. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ve never came across this workflow. Guess I have to spend more time researching on this.

Hi Raffy,

Very nice. Your Gaea terrains look fantastic. I’ve never managed to get it to look this nice. Would you mind sharing your recipes / workflow, providing of course, only if you have the time.

Cheers and stay safe!

Hi Paul,
well … i’m not very familiar with english, so i don’t do tuts … but if you want to get familiar with Gaea, go to the site (https://quadspinner.com/) and youtube and you will find a lot of material .

Ciao, Luigi.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!