Riveting a Pipe...

Ok- I’ve been trying to add rivets to a pipe I made recently. But the thing is, I can’t get the ‘rivets’ to face the right way.

Ya see- I only want to rivet this part of the pipe-

(the highlighted, yellow verts)

So what I did is take those vertices, sperate them, parent the ‘rivets’ to the seperated ‘ring’, and hit duplivert. Everything works fine. The only problem now is that I can’t get the rivets to lie flush with the flared portion of the tube. Any idea how I could do this?

/Not cool.

Thanks a bunch guys.

you mean you made them in too big a ring? just scale down the object that they are parented to. also, you don’t really need dupliverts to do that, you can make one rivet, place it at the center of the pipe, go into edit mode, and move the rivet in place. now, since the object origin is at the center, when you duplicate the rivet, you just rotate it into place.

No- the problem is that I can’t get the rivets to face the pipe correctly- and by correctly, I mean that I can’t the bottoms of all the rivets to face the exterior of the pipe. Notice how in the ‘ORLY’ picture, they’re all facing toward the center? I want to rotate them, so that they are FLUSH with the FLARED (part that juts out on an angle) portion of the tube.

And I really don’t want to take the time to rotate individual rivets, as it would take up too much time, and because if I rotate them manually, there’s the possibility that some will be ‘off’… and I’m a perfectionist, so that’s a big no. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could place one rivet exactly how you want it to be then put the 3d cursor in the centre of the pipe go back into edit mode on the rivit , select all , change the view to end on of the pipe and use spin dup using 360 deg and set steps to how many rivets you want

Excellent idea. Worked like a charm ;). Thank you VERY much :D. You too Modron :).

ah, ok, if the rivets are at odd angles, that means you need to do a ctrl A ( apply scale and rotation ) on the object that you are dupliverting the rivets to.

Icarus…just wondering how you made the 90 deg. elbow bend?

to make an elbow bend, make a pipe, and then select the edge verts. put the 3d cursor a bit below the selected edge loop, viewing it from the side, and press ‘spin’.

Modron…like a charm-thanks