Road design

Growing up in a relatively rural area of New Hampshire, our roads always twisted and turned but directions could consist of “get on 106 going south. drive for 30 mins, turn right” etc… trips were measured in time instead of distance

Now I’m living in a moderately sized city and I have to ask myself, “who designed these roads? what IS this?”

I know this isn’t the worst example out there and even I have navigated through it without GPS, but still if you look at it from my background, this is confusing:,-77.603559&sspn=0.005824,0.013947&ie=UTF8&ll=43.150276,-77.605963&spn=0.005824,0.013947&t=h&z=17


If you have enough signage it should tell people where they need to go.

But yes road systems in cities should abide by the K.I.S.S rule as commonly said on the internet.