[ Road sign ] - [ 20 Minutes ]




Well, This was fun, I didn’t notice the errors on the skinny part…

Until the render was rendering, then it was too late, it was fun to model, I ended up spending too much time trying to boolean the holes in the skinny part (thats what created the errors) :D, but otherwise I am happy with it!


How do these contests work? How much time do you get to do this? (I mean besides the 20 minutes in this case.) Do you have to do it right when it’s posted or do you get like a few days to do it when you have time?
Just wondering. I look at these from time to time but I always get to them when they are in poll-mode. When are they posted?

Apparently there’s an IRC chat room, and they do have to be done right then.

Hey RenderRoo,

There is an IRC channel specifically for speed modeling contests.
Heres a link to the thread that explains it.


Please make use of the Help Topic for questions regrading #smc and smc’s :slight_smile:


Thank you. :slight_smile:

btw i rendered in indigo :eek: