Road Texture Pack

Well here is a car park and road generator
you can create your own custom roads its is in the psd format but it can be opened in the gimp or photoshop it is compressed in rar or zip format and the default size is 1024*1024 pixels but can be changed

Quick Start Guide :
This uses Photoshop

  1. Open the file with your image editor
    2.In the layers sections there will be layer groups
    a) First select the road surfaces group and select the road type needed
    b)Then select the other modifiers to finish it up (they are in their own groups)
    c)Save the image with the desired settings


road texture

car park Texture

Car texture generator
Format : .RAR
Link :
File size : 10.7 mb

Road texture generator
File size : 8.39 mb
Link :

Road texture generator
File size : 9.99MB
Link :

Car texture generator
Format : .ZIP
File size : 12.19MB
Link :

please reply if its good or bad and comments are appreciated

maybe people don’t well understand the subject of your thread?!
Anyway, your textures are nice, and are lots of work and time savers!
There’s some “conflict”, in my opinion, between the “road textures” and the “metal” ones (too bright?)
Thank you for sharing!
At the moment I’m struggling with road textures too, but I like to make them myself!
Difficult spots are ( and you don’t include them in your pack), to me, “crossroads” “turns” and “road joints”, like when you left/enter highways and such!

Cool, I agree with oto, its kind of hard to understand what this is about, but the textures are nice, thanks for share!

yea i couldnt find so i dint add them and thanks for letting me know i’ll try to add more stuff

well i think i will be adding a update soon with turns and such

Ok, it’ll be nice, its very kind of you!
I guess that you should rename your thread to something like “Road Texture Pack” or something like that?!
And specify if you’re the textures author, and if yes, how can people use them in their works!

just a question i dont know what kind of turns should it be like

or this

or this

or something else

ok i am not the complete author of this as some of the textures was taken from other sites but i just uploaded it for people

and btw i think i may use masking or difference selection or something like that

but the main thing is i cant find how to change the thread name

edit the first post. Here yiu can edit the title and the thread name.

thanks for that monster dint notice that before

I’m trying to duplicate a real street from my city (Addis) to create an interactive 3d,
I was wondering how I should texture them…
I mean do I have to have a texture that can cover the street… ?
coz when I use textures that are small, you can see the textures lining up one after the other….

well you can use one image and change the coordinates of the uvs to use the same texture i hope you understood

I wish i did anmisto. i’m working on modeling the environment right now. i’m just hoping to keep the final output of the “game” (in terms size) as small as i’m gussing there is a way… i hope you wont mind ,coz i think i’ll be nagging you a bit when i get to texturing.tho’ will the way i model have an affect on how i’ll textur them ?

no problem every one this forum is here to only help you

Cool! Thanks for these

Sorry looks like I have to take back my words on making the curved road Textures because I got school and stuff which are hindering me from even using my computer. So i wont be able to make it any time soon