Road Trip

I tried a workflow new for me this time, mixing the 3D with Blender for the building, car, road, and to get the overall perspective, then finishing the image with painting and photobashing in photoshop.

Feedback on lighting and composition more than welcome!

Edit 25/01/19: I made corrections on the image after getting some valuable feedbacks on it (blending better the elements in the scene, colors and more glow)


The composition, and story telling in this image is spot on. Great work!

Thanks a lot Joshua!

Great job on this, it has a really beautiful feel to it. I like the blend of futuristic stuff and nature. The motion blur on the trees on the edges is a great touch

Well done. The composition, colours, lighting is very very good and professional.

Love the composition and light, and the concept. The birds are a great touch, as is the motion blur in the foreground. When I was a kid we had huge flocks of black cockatoos but now because of development you’re lucky to see a handful. Just one thing bugs me: that’s the building in the foreground I’m sure it should be bigger, and would be a good opportunity to add details.

@GPS14 @master3D thanks for your encouraging comments ^^

@David_Gaze the size of foreground building is actually correct as per Blender perspective, but maybe it’s my composition which give you this impression! Below is the viewport screenshot to see better the perspective.

Also I actually removed some details on purpose on this left building, as I didn’t want the eye to go to much on this part of the image. But you’re right, maybe I lost in credibility in the picture then. Anyway thanks for comment.

Btw here is also the raw render!

Oh yes ! Now I can see, there is a hill in the midground between the car and the first building.

Hi RemTou,
Great idea, composition, colors!

Thanks Submateria
I just made some corrections on the picture btw. Building were not blended correctly in the environment actually.