I found this little scribbling in an old cartoon sketchbook of mine two weeks ago. Thought it would be fun to make a 3D scene with Blender/Cycles. I wanted to keep a clean and simple cartoony style with obvious tree and sheep clones. Hope you like my explanation of how the roads come into landscape :wink:

Left: Basic Pencil Scribbling
Middle: Sheep with armature
Right: Early Study of Roadmapper


Love it! Nice and simple. It’s a really cool idea that conveys some dark undertones of technology outpacing the world, in stark contrast to the bright and bubbly image.

Thank you, Lived. I sketched the roadmapper years before and wanted to draw a 2D cartoon but i think the motive is better suited for 3D. Maybe i should work a bit on the lights - they are set to emission but in this bright scenery they look like solid white.

By the way - does anybody know how to get that little thumbnail of the image to the thread list?

I love it, great job,Simple but well done…

Yes, you need to attach an image to the main post with the attachment tool. Just edit your post in advanced and click on the paper clip icon.

Cool render ! I love the style of the sheep ^^
But I think you’re a lazy person because the trees are all same :wink:

It seems that one cannot manage attachments with the internet explorer - it won’t upload the image. I tried firefox instead and it worked. Thanks again, Lived.

it is not my fault - the landscapers in that world have got a clone tool :wink:

Haha good excuse :slight_smile: