Roast Dinners

i really love roast dinners don’t you? Especially with yorkshire pudding.

Oh and an update on my game for the contest…

  1. you should like it.
  2. there are lots of pretty coloured lasers/HUD.
  3. The bad guys are bad at the moment.
  4. there will be a bar in the game. so don’t worry!
  5. oh yeah, it’s an underwater submarine combat simulator set in a dark future. with a walking around interface too.
  6. 14 ships are currently availabe to pilot as the player.
  7. you can’t fly the bar!!!
  8. this post is so pointless
  9. if you like space combat sims this is for you!
  10. the games name is called “Expanse”.
  11. because i’m in charge the game will be finished for the contest.
  12. no screen shots. They wouldn’t do the mood of the interface justice
  13. i’m so pretencious



Hopefully I can decide on a game soon enough to have enough time to make it good:)

Eventually I got to pick one!