Roberto the golem

Hi guys :D,
I’m new on BlenderArtists but not in blender
I would like to now what you think about my last character creation project.
Roberto is a clay golem. He’ll be part of a sketch that I’ll release soon.



He looks like a very nice golem who can get an attitude. I already have a voice for him in my head, that is if you want to use a professional voice over artist. $100 for five minutes of recorded voice overs. I really like how the pants go over the stomach.

Looks like a cool character.

(and I especially like your studio name)

Thanks, I spent two days building the logo :smiley:

The skin material strikes me as somewhat peculiar as it is now. It appears to be somewhat translucent (SSS?) which is not really the way clay looks. (I’m assuming he’s made of clay.) I’m also not sure about the cloud texture he has right now; it makes him look kind of like a sea cucumber. Other than that he looks nice, and definitely a fun character. Can we see some pictures of the rig?

PS- You’ll need to put the name of God on his forehead in order to animate him :stuck_out_tongue:

hi plantperson, thanks for your critics
there is not sss or translucenty it’s a simple material for the skin. Probably it looks strange to you because there is an hemi lamp behind Roberto and indirect lighting is activated.
I’ll take a look to the cloud texture.
About the rig…
I used the Rigify add-on and then i made some extra bones to manage the face, using shapes and drivers.
There is not enough forehead :no:, but I’ll put the number on the arm :wink:


I like the design a lot, make a walk cycle!

I made some changes… :slight_smile:
what do you think?

I really like it! Great Job! Is he already rigged?

The clay texture looks a lot better now. Aside from that I don’t see a whole lot to say at this point… perhaps his belt could use some sort of texture, though, and you might consider adding some wear and tear to his pants.

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One way that I make a clay texture, is to apply a bump map of lots of fingerprints, that way it looks like somethingl modelled it. Also, you have to think of what kind of clay you’re going for. Personally I have never seen clay that color.

he’s adorable :smiley: I don’t really have anything to critique, well done :wink:

thanks for reply :smiley:
this is what i mean for yellow clay…
I know it because it was at school.
I made it light yellow and dirty. The bump is there to show that it’s not flat, like plastic.
I’ll post soon new images with different textures for pants :wink:

there is a new bump texture and a new color texture on pants …
I’m satisfied. The next tread well be for the animation :slight_smile: