What should I do for hair? One thought was a pony tail made of cables like the Borg queen.

I think this goes in game engine support. This is actually a direct screen capture of it running in the game engine. I used an alpha mask to make the edges look clean and baked the shadows, reflection, etc.


»Female Robots« are also likely to have no Hair at all.
Cable-Dreads would be a good Idea and easy to do, I think.
Also »electric Hair« like slim and wavy Lightnings or Holograms come to my Mind.
The last Idea of Mine would be to give her a stable Hairstyle Mesh and separate that Mesh into several Regions that are connected but can move individually.

What about “dreadlocks” Predator-style?

She looks really good by the way!

Is it for a game?

It’s for the Hala Receptionist robot. It uses the Blender 2.49 game engine. The model has a library of shape actions that are played in varying degrees depending on what the ai calls for. I think they have it on a monitor that you can interact with. It makes different faces and talks. There’s a lot more too it than that but that’s basically the gist of it.
There is an article I found here:

Ok, so the client suggested a different color, and this is the hair I came up with.
In the end it will probably have blue skin and yellow eyes.


For those who are interested, here is the video of this running in the game engine. The robot face shows up at the end. It’s just a few seconds long.