Made for the Weekend Challenge :yes:

Enjoy! :smiley:


Nice work man :smiley: The only thing I can critique on is the rock under his foot! The texture looks a bit stretched. Other than that Great Job :slight_smile:

could be the chromatic abberation. it is UV mapped using the cube map setting. usually that gives it a more even appearance.

Hi !! Lovely image, that robot is actually really cute and good pose by the way, however if it doesnt botter you a little critique: The character blends too much with the background, the eye of the viewer is dancing all around your picture, try to give it more contrast and maybe change the color of your robot (maybe a shade of green could work) that way your character will pop out of the background while preserving color harmony.

But dont consider too much my no sense, nice work !!

thanks. I’ll see what I can do then. :slight_smile: