Robocop 1-ED209

This is my first robot modeling exercise
Forgive my English is not good
Thank you


really nice, I like the detail

Splendid. I can hear the inhuman voice now, “You 5 seconds to comply…”

Is it modeled in this pose or did you rig it?

Head and limbs have to make a simple rotation
Connecting rubber legs
Parts of the pipeline elbow
Have to make a simple Shape Keys

Exercise increases Freestyle Rendering Figure :slight_smile:

Great model and it looks good in freestyle!

Hey man, I modeled the same robot! take a look at mine and tell me what you think.

Yours look a little bit different. o/\o

Pure awesome!

I love it, awesomeness I’m real fan of this thing in the movie :stuck_out_tongue:

Your model is great details

As at two different persons, the difference may be material and lighting settings

But these two aspects I was a rookie

But I have to set the reference material below

Blender 2.6 Cycles Materials and Textures -
Creating a worn metal material with procedurals

Maybe you can try

Thank you ~
I also loved this movie and this model ED209

wow, it’s beatiful!

Nice modeling, really so cut!

Looks really good! I like it.