RoboCop 2

I have always been fascinated by the design of RoboCop 2: detailed like crazy, powerful, sturdy and unbreakable. He looks like he could withstand anything.
This is a long-term project that I am very happy to finally call done. I ended up putting in countless hours on him, but I do not regret it. When I finally got to rigging him, there was this fantastic feeling of seeing those vertices move after all this time.
He truly is the most bad ass thing ever created for film. Tippet Studio really did create an unimaginable piece of machinery. Fantastic work, you guys!
Rendering: LuxRender. Texturing: Substance Painter.
RoboCop © Orion Pictures

yes! awesome… great details.

Great Job !!! Love the Robocop 2 Design too !!!

That’s pretty damn accurate!

Thanks, guys!

Fantastic work.

I think this wouldn’t be complete without one shot with face open though: