Robot AI (Krin)

Hello all.
I spent about 5 hours today putting together a mesh of a race of sentient AI’s that are used for another board. I figured I’d put the mesh up here too. I’m not nearly done with it, I’ve just got the mesh. Needs to be rigged and such, but it’s gonna take a while, especially with me being as new as I amKrin.blend (957 KB)


want some help with rigging? oh oh! can I use your dot blend and rig it myself???

Be my guest, if you feel like it. That takes a whole lot of work off of me, so yeah.

ahahah :smiley: wow, the topology is a little odd, you do know you can get round shapes by subserfing right? Or is this for a game?
also what about textures (i just a made a few of my own, and started riggin :P)

I think i might retopo a simple copy for myself, and you do know that the arms and body should be part of the same mesh right?
makes it easier on you (or in your case, on me :D)

Ah. Thanks for the tips. See, this is the first real model I’ve done. The rest have been simple firearms or oddball things that aren’t too complicated.
Or in other words, this is the most complicated thing I’ve done so far. I’ve only been at this for a few months, you could count the number of things I’ve done on one hand.
Not only that, I have a laptop, so I do kinda need to keep it simple for rendering’s sake. I mean, subsurfing and such shouldn’t be a problem, but I can’t exactly go crazy here.

yeah i understand, Im on a laptop too :smiley:
thats pretty good for your first actual complicated model… (cant remember my first O.o)
I think i could count the number of things Ive done if I had a hundred hands…maybe…
Im going to try to retopo it now, so that it will be easier on subserf, and on your computer :smiley:

Ok. About how long will retopographing it take, as an estimate?

actually I have already recreated most of the lower body with much less vertices, wanna see it? i can try to upload the .blend 9but it has the same name as yours so you might want to rename

Sure. You could always take a few Png’s or something using Snipping Tool and upload those?

yes so true. well here is the .blend of the chars legs (i put it in a new file, but same name…just not saved in my downloads folder)


Krin.blend (916 KB)

OKAY! That is very, very nice right there :D. My only thing is you’re going to want to fill in the eye thing on the head, as I’m going to be doing a textured eye with after effects for the glow. Other than that, it’s friggin’ perfect!
That and the feet, though I’m sure you’re not quite done with them yet.

Ok, Moose…kinda waiting on you here. A progress update would be nice.

sorry sorry, I work alot haha. sadly I havent had that much time to do anything. Although the current topo does look pretty nice :smiley:

looks like the geth from mass effect…

Yeah, the only intended similarity to the Geth was the head. The rest was supposed to be different, which to an extent it is, though there is a heavy semblance in the upper body area.
And no worries moose, I’m just saying. I’m a little edgy right now too, just found out some arses hacked my Gmail account :frowning:

Hahah I understand.
Had my email hacked before.

Anyway! Here is it again! this time a little more done…all thats left is the upper head. take a look at how the topology is (see how theres no triangles?)
you NEVER EVER want triangles


Krin.blend (1010 KB)

Ok. It’s good. You do intend to open up and hollow out the chest area like it is in the original, yes? Because those two cyllinder things in there contain their reactor, cpu and such. And on the hands, they have 4 large fingers, not the 5 spindly ones you have there. They were supposed to be a normal-ish looking hand, except for four claw-looking fingers. I just plain suck at hands, I can’t even draw them right, and I’m a lot better at drawing than using Blender. Apart from that, thumbs up all the way.
Oh, and by the way, I’m not sure, but by looking at your mesh here, may want to make the neck a little longer, otherwise the neck/head guard might end up looking squished and out-of-porportion.
Not trying to nitpick, but these little details can make or break a model, am I right?

Yep, I can cut the the fingers down to 4, also i can cut a hole for the front (just like before) and I can change the neck. see before this all would be very hard (with the way you had you model with triangles) and I wouldnt be able to do that, but all the stuff you stating now can be easily fixed as quads :smiley:

And yes some of those details would make or break a model (such as a squished neck) the neck for instance, would weight paint the rest of the neck when adding a rig to it, making it almost impossible to move the neck correctly :smiley:

so yes, i can do these little changes (but im sorry not tonight)
maybe tomorrow, as Ill have time in the morning again…sadly tonight I have to work, or I would fix it more

Jezuz…the body/arm is way too dense. Cut down on the edge-loops guys.
I might give u guys a hand and tweak this even more… not making any promises though.

I have to disagree with you there. Even though 99% of the time u want quads (high poly modeling) (100% for organics) sometimes you need a very carefully positioned triangle for loop terminations. As for low poly modeling triangles are very much needed.