Robot ambushed in post-apocalyptic world

Short animation created in blender.
After watching this video, you should guess that an extraterrestrial civilization has taken over the earth, people are trying to resist and create robots to fight the invaders :slight_smile:


Love the little chunks of debris. It looks really good in the final render. Nice animation of the model, did you make and rig it?

Thank you, yes, all the work is mine and blender’s ))

Nice. Also, you might think to use the title “Robot ambushed in post-apocalyptic world”

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Привет, как углы на текстуре выбеливал?

Привет, у всех программ должны быть инструменты по работе с гранями, если речь о блендере, тот вот первое попавшееся видео на эту тему

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I noticed the wheels on quad-walker. :ok_hand:

Yes, it allows you to go faster on a good road )

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