Robot Animations

Hi all! As part of the 2021 March of Robots challenge I thought I’d try some more rigging and create a few animated loops using my D’Orque Space Force Robot. Everything done in Blender- even the sound edits. Rendered using Eevee

(Has Sound) At first mankind was pretty unimpressed by Skynet’s so called ‘Rise of the Machines’

(Has Sound) Taking the new shield and sword out for a test run


When you just have to get those munitions to the front line on time trust D’Orque deliveries!


Run Robot, Run!

Cycles Render of D’Orque number 9 with a couple of friends

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excellent work with the animations!

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All of this is so well done. Great animation!

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Thanks @sumandatta :grinning: I had fun animating this guy!

Thanks very much @Safetyman I’m hoping to develop it further in future :crossed_fingers:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :+1:

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