Robot character mecha game asset

Sci-fi robotic character model, suitable for games and subdivision-ready for films or close up. Comes with full rig in both Maya file and Blender file. PBR textures all in 4096*4096 quality.

This will be the first in the line of robots I plan to create this year, after making dozens of them as freelance contracts last year (and therefor, cannot be shared to public). The model can be purchased on Blender Market:

Also, if you fancy the sci-fi pedestal made for the renders, you can also get it for FREE on Blendswap:


nice work !!!

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thank you!

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Very nice job you did here. He looks so slick!

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thanks! i got a lot more in the work, but haven’t got the time to finish them yet. look out for more.

I spent some free time to make a short animation to showcase the model. Have to say i’m pretty proud of it as this is probably the highest quality animation I’ve managed to pull off, as I am more of a modeler, animation is only something I try to learn once in a while but not focus on.