Robot City Zoo

A rendered image of my latest project, titled “Robot City Zoo”:

 <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/b/7/b7d4193ee412ab793fbfc4a70cca4613204ee466.jpg" width="690" height="388"><br/>

Intresting concept but it look weird to me. aniway good job here!

Nice concept and modeling.

I know this is a ‘finished project’, but I’m going to give you a few pointers anyway.

Lighting is a bit dark , assuming that you are using Blender internal you might want to turn on AO.

Also, be careful with making things too shiny.

This picture is loosely based on a comic that i made 1999-2000. This was supposed to be a finished project, but I couldn’t resist making a new rendering from a different perspective to bring some details of the robot more visible.