Robot Fox WIP

This is my very first time ever making a 3D model. So I’ve made about 40 trillion mistakes on this which I’m not sure I can fix. But regardless, I plan to add a texture at some point.

Anyways, this is a robotic fox (I’m gonna attempt to add fur if I can and such however, as he’s supposed to look like a normal fox for the most part).

The idea is to possibly use this model in a game some day, but we’ll see if that ever happens. But anyways; this was the model I worked on to introduce me into 3D modelling, so I expect there to be issues with it. I watched a few YouTube videos to figure out how to use Blender. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that looks like a really complex model for a first time. It looks pretty good, but the blobs on the paws look too high poly. Are they sculpted? You should try to just add icospheres instead of them.
When working on human like models that will deform, try to place you edgeloops and vertices on the parts that will bend. On your fox, your arm wont bend because there aren’t any vertices for your elbow. Also, try and model your whole character as one mesh. Don’t make seperate pieces like hands and stick them into the body. Instead, try and extrude your hands out of the body so it ends up as one mesh.
I don’t want to look like and advertiser or something, but you can check my channel . Right now I’m doing timelapses of my human character so you can learn how to model these kind of things.

Okay; thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: The blobs on the paws are UV Spheres (I think that’s what they were called). I actually went ahead and redid this one however; nao it looks liek this:

All that (except the eyes, back panel, and screws) comes from one UV Sphere. Although I kinda did things my own “I have no clue what I’m doing so I’ll do this instead” way, so I never really used the extrude tool. :stuck_out_tongue: Is there a way to keep symmetry while extruding stuff on either side (I prefer to keep everything perfectly symmetrical)?

I taught maiself how to use that thingy that lets you pose the models and then I made this pose. :stuck_out_tongue: Still need to do a bit of work on things like the arms cuz they can’t actually bend in the middle.

(easier to see version)

(back panel; this image was taken before I started the body :p)

Still need to figure out how to add fur. I already looked up a tutorial and managed to add fur but it didn’t look right (some areas had no fur and idk, it just looked wrong). So I’ll have to try again another time.
(I used the smooth tool and that other one (subdivision I think) to make it smooth when I rendered the image).

Starting to model from a sphere isn’t the best way really. Everybody usually starts from a cube.
Also, the extrude tool is your best friend. You basically model everything by extruding faces.
And to model symetrically, use a mirror modifier.

I started over again. :stuck_out_tongue:
This one I made starting from a cube and using the extrude tool and such. It was a lot easier than the way I attempted before. :V

Yes, that looks much better. Try watching a few tutorials about topology. There’s some in . Good topology is key to getting your character to move well.
Also, are you using the cycles render engine? If you aren’t and you have a decent computer then I recommend switching to it.